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    I am researching one of the twigs on a cousin's family.
    From the 1871 and 1881 census returns I discovered Samuel was a Policeman in Cheshire.
    I wondered how I could find out about his service history.
    So I checked the Forum, Occupations, Policeman and started reading the posts.
    I soon found one from LynneOz regarding the Cheshire Constabulary. In her post I noticed the words "Police Archives" so I Googled that and discovered a "Tome" listing all the Police Forces in the UK with descriptions of their holdings etc.
    So I entered Cheshire Constabulary and found the Police Museum.
    Entering Samuel's name I discovered there were archived records for him so I submitted a request for a copy of them.
    Within 24 hours I received a response outlining the records thay were available and they would be amde available to me for a small donation.
    Less than a week later a package arrived (by email) and to my mind the information I received was worth far more than the small donation.
    Reading through the information I discovered Samuel's father's name and occupation ( a Farmer).
    So off to FMP's census holdings and quickly brought up the 1851 return (transcription to begin with). I had a smile when I noticed three servants on the farm transcribed as "Prisoner Chelsea Hospital" - the image had them as 'Pensioners".
    Not yet finished through FamilySearch and LancashireOPC I managed to get a further two generations.

    The above may be long winded but the point of this post is that just reading other members posts can often give help in furthering our research.


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    Wow David what a fantastic success story and all started because you thought outside the square!
    Great stuff.
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
    William Burroughs


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