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    Default DNA 4SPENCERS ofENGLAND or(former)Brit Empire

    CALLING On ALL "Spencers" to DO a DNA test --a "y-line" (yDNA), if you are a Male born w/ the last name of Spencer. Or, if you are a Spencer female, then you can do one of two (or both) things. 1) to "prove" your Spencer last name IS "Spencer" AND to Put "your" Spencer family into its correct biologically-related Spencer group, you need to get a Spencer MALE of your family (a brother, your father, grandpa, uncle, his male child (your 1st cousin), etc.), to take the yDNA test, and to take it via the FamilyTreeDNA (Spencer) group test, at: The Group DNA co-ordinator, is: Floyd Spencer, whose email is: ]fspencer15 AT Or, as a female born Spencer, you also could take an "autosomal" DNA test--such as 's, "FamilyFinder"--which looks at your Dad's Spencer side AND your Mom's maiden name's info.
    THE REASON I am ENCOURAGING All "Spencers" to DO these DNA tests, IS--that the 4 brothers line is TRYING to FIND "Other" of our BLOOD Cousins---especially Those of descendants whose ancestors chose to REMAIN IN ENGLAND, (or emigrated ELSEWHERE w/in the British Empire), in 1630 when the 4bros. LEFT England then. Also this Helps EVERY Other family of Spencer-named people, to group them into THEIR own blood-related Spencer families--and most people possess paperwork on Their lines, so it advances your knowledge of Your history, as well! Another "facet" of having all Spencers DNA-tested is that we can ALSO Find WHERE All the various Spencer families DISPERSED To, around the World,esp. w/in the (then) far- flung British Empire. We ALL may find "cousins" in every place, from South Africa, to Hong Kong, or Australia, New Zealand, India, or who knows? PLEASE "Spencers" take a DNA test--it would SOLVE So many questions & issues. And it is PAINLESS--just a swab of the inside of your cheek cells, inexpensive (from $59-$100-ish), quick (you get Your "results" online (in a password-protected account YOU create)--And PRIVATE, as you are referred to online ONLY by a KIT#, NOT Your NAME! So I really hope ALL "Spencers" will take this Journey! (The reason I am pointing everyone to the company of "", is that They've been doing this the Longest (since 1999) & have one of the larger data-bases, as well as are the ONLY Company having a special Spencer GROUP test which PUTS you IN your correct Spencer family blood-related group of Your genetic Spencer cousins!) I hope people will be enthused to take advantage of this GREAT TECH TOOL to Solve your "brick walls", gain further-back Ancestral knowledge of your own Spencer kin, AND connect-up (Only, later, IF you wish) w/ other of your Spencer new-found family! Thanks for reading! Take Care, "Cousin" Vienna (Spencer)
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