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    Default Another puzzle piece found.

    I've known since I started this game 45 years ago that my gt gt grandmother was named Sarah and was born circa 1810 as our family bible records her death in 1862 and 1863. But as she was then on her second marriage and records for that early period in Canada are poor, I have never found her first marriage, to learn her birth surname. However, it occurred to me that perhaps the first name of my father's cousin (born in 1905) was a clue. His name was Hampton Dale Hilton. Dale was his mother's maiden name; was Hampton his gt grandmothers? I finally got around to looking for Sarah Hampton on Family search. I tried the location of Illinois as a potential relative was living there when he applied for probate on his father's effects in the small town north of Toronto where these families lived in the 1830s. And I found her! She came up in the death registration of her son Johnathan Reid in 1904 Michigan where his father's name was given as Alexander Reid. Which is what I was hoping to find. Finding this son whose existence was only known through a hint in a relative's will " two sons of my brother Alexander" was a bonus. He and his children left Canada for Michigan in 1879 so appear on 1880 US census, giving me lots of new names to go looking for. So, do persevere with brickwalls in your research. Try flying a few kites to see if anything turns up, and look carefully for "family names" - Johnathan may prove to be the father of Sarah's name.He certainly had a sister Caroline, a name he gave a daughter as well as another named Sarah after his mother. pwholt

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    You must be delighted. Well done.

    Very thoughtful of your relative who gave a son the name Hamilton Without that you may never have found your gt. gt. grandmother.


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