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    Please excuse if this is not in the right place, and please delete or move if it needs doing.

    Coming back to the Family Tree after some time away (medical stuff... better now hopefully) I find my software (Family Tree Maker) can no longer be installed on the new laptops I have had to buy... or rather it can but as I have 2 or 3 different places where I want to update it I would have to pay full price multiple times.. I always used to keep the latest version on a memory stick and transport that around...

    My tree is saved in a GEDCOM file - any advice on software that a) is compatible with that format and b) allows it to be used on more than one device without charging full price each time???



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    I use a much older version of FTM, so can’t help with your query. I just wanted to warn you that it may take longer than usual to get an answer as we’ve been off air for a few days - we are not ignoring you!

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    Hello keefyp
    There is still a free version available which I downloaded onto my windows 10 laptop.
    It will read files from past version 7. Sorry I can't provide the link as I'm on my tablet.

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    You don't pay full price each time - if you buy what's called a Family Pack that allows you to install the software on 2 or 3 machines with the same licence, and I think from memory its about another £20 extra on top of the basic Family Tree Maker price.


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