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    Default Rachel Poolman c.1847 - Baptism at 34

    I'm researching my husband's family tree. His great great grandmother, Rachel Poolman, was married to Leendert Johannes Knol on 15th July 1867, in the Dutch Reform Church. In 1871, her first child was baptized in the DRC as were all subsequent children. However, she was 'accepted' into the Dutch Reform Church in 1881 at the age of 34 and fourteen years after her marriage in the same church.

    This seems a bit odd to me. Is it? I can't find any birth records pertaining to her. She is listed as 'coloured' on later paperwork and I'm wondering if this is significant or might help lead me to some birth records.

    Any advice/insight you could give would be very gratefully received!

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    Possible baptism.

    Name: Rachel Polmand

    Baptism Age: 5 Years
    Event Type: Baptism
    Birth Date: abt 1849
    Baptism Date: 2 Apr 1854
    Baptism Place: South Africa
    Mother: Sophia Polmand
    Church: St. Georges Cathedral Cape Town
    Officiant: E. Glover
    Witness 1: Miss Page
    Witness 2: William Cole
    St. Georges Cathedral Cape Town

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    The original of the baptism Pamela found (and the records of St.George's) can be found at - you'll need to scroll forward. Click return to Previous Page (and scroll down if necessary) to get links to baptisms for 1847/48.
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    Thank you so much for this. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say thanks. I had problems logging in!

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    What an amazing link. Thanks so much.


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