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    Default Hanover Square Records

    Hi all, I am trying to trace details of John Stuart Talbot and I have come across a story that he legally changed his name to John Stuart Talbot in 1791 at the Hanover Square Records. Presumably his previous name was George. How can I find if there is any record for this presumed name change?

    This man (who is my great, great great grandfather) has been an enigma for many years, with nobody finding any definite records for him. He married a Pricilla Purcell but there again there are no records. Please if anyone can help with any information on this person I would be eternally grateful

    There are also family stories about a notice put in the papers. The first time was in 1868, Dr. Williamson or Worthington expressed surprise that the South African Talbots had not responded to newspaper advertisements, calling them to travel to England and claim the estates and titles. The second time was in 1875

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    Millennium File
    John Stuart Talbot
    Birth Date 1770
    Birth Place - Westminster, Ldn, England
    Death Date - 20 Oct 1853
    Death Place - Grahamstown, So.Afr, South Afr
    Father - John Talbot
    Mother -Jane Stuart
    Spouse - Priscilla Peurcell
    Children - Henry Talbot

    So is this record with his father as John Talbot one where John S gave the information? I am seeing various accounts of his birth date on line but it says he was age 80 when he died in 1853 so born c 1771. But they weren't as interested in exact birth dates then as we are now so some leeay can be used when searching.

    Here is the link to Hanover Square Archives which gives an email address for enquiries.
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