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    Default Landing Craft Gun 11 Large Operation Infactua

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I am looking for anyone with pictures of landing craft Gun 11 Large. I am researching my grandad and he was serving on this craft on the 1 Nov 1944 as part of operation infactuate when it was badly damaged. Believe it or not as part of my grandads things I inherited, I have the ensign flag from this vessel. I also have an original typed note from the commanding officer of the time thanking the SSEF for there courage. Any further info or pictures of this often forgotten action would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Steve.

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    Wikipedia has some details of special types of Landing Craft including Landing Craft Gun and Landing Craft Gun L
    See there is also an image.

    Click the link on the contents or scroll just over halfway down the page.

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    It's Operation Infatuate.

    If you're interested in further research, there is much of interest at the National Archives. Try searching the catalogue for "Infatuate" with dates 1944-45


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