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    Default An Outragious Slur!

    I've spent the last couple of rainy days (here in Lancashire), ploughing through the 1891 Census for the parish of Llanllyfni and tut tutting at the number of transcription errors; (Evans transcribed as "Ebbana" and Owen as "Geen" etc.,), but that is something that we have all come to expect.

    However, one poor girl rather than being transcribed accurately as an "Assistant Mistress School ", has been inaccurately transcribed as an "Assistant Mistress"

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    Default In a similar vein...

    I attended an all-girls' school in the 1960s (so that dates me!). There was a VIth form production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, which includes the characters of 'Botswain' and 'Botswain's Mate'. To spare our blushes, the printers produced programmes listing them as 'Botswain' and Boatswain's Wife'.

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