I confirmed an old family story that an ancestor, Moses Wilkinson, served in the British Army. The December 1806 baptism of his daughter Sarah indicates that he was serving in the East Yorkshire Militia at the time of her baptism. The baptism occurred at Woodbridge, Suffolk, which is close to where his wife, Ann Bailey, was born in 1785. Moses was born in Sowerby, West Riding but I have yet to find a record that indicates his year of birth and several Moses Wilkinsons were born at Sowerby over a 40 year period (1750-1790).

As I understand it, the East Yorkshire Militia records for the Napoleonic War period are at the Hull University Archives. But the expense of paying the Archive's hourly rate is cost prohibitive. Moreover, I have no notion of the form these records (incl. family relief records) actually takes.

Is there anyone who regularly researches in the Archives that is familiar with these records who would be available to undertake a research project? I would need an estimate of the time involved before I go "hat in hand" to Wilkinson relatives to share the expense.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.