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    Default Is this a first?

    In over fourteen years I think this is the first time I've ever seen the forum without a single query.

    Hopefully it means that all your brickwalls have been demolished. I would then say 'so you'll be able to enjoy the Bank Holiday weather'. But as usually BH weather in the UK leaves quite a bit to be desired I won't mention it.
    Enjoy the weekend, though.

    And meanwhile I might even manage to finally start transferring my family history from bits of paper to proper notes. I said it last year and managed two people, so there's still a few more to go.

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    There was one moment yesterday when I was the only member in the echoing halls of BG. It was spooky. Of course, I burn very easily, so have to stay out of the sun!

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    I popped in a couple of times to see if I'd had an answer back on a post.

    BH oh 3 days with out monster Zachary but then all next week as its half term I see a bus trip looming lol. latest saying is "What Darling" and makeing up new words to song's "Twinkle, Twinkle little star, How I like my Chocolate Bar."


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