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    I have some old photographs from my relatives who lived around the London area. I will start with this one first. The photo is of my Great Grandmother DOB 1859 and one her children who I am trying to identify. She had five children from 1881 to 1902, three boys then 2 girls. I remember previously seeing some info on the address of the photographer H & J Rigden relating to them moving premises which may help with this photo. The address on this one is 105 Myddleton Road, Bowes Park. I also feel maybe the child’s dress looks feminine, could be a Christening. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Kareann,

    Post #7 on the above thread says "Herbert & James Rigden are at 20 Myddleton Rd in "Kelly's Directory of Essex, Herts & Middx, 1894" at the Historical Directories site. By 1899 they had moved to No 105, and I cannot find them by name or at No 20 in the 1891 census, which probably pins down the date close enough"

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    Hi Almach

    Thanks for the reply. The two girls were born in 1889 and 1902 so that means it is the youngest daughter in the photo. Great to be able to confirm and record the names of family in photos.

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    I would not automatically assume the gender of the infant based on the style of the dress. I think that in those days they were effectively unisex, and also not not forgetting there would have been a culture of sharing clothes in the family.

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    Going by other images on Google, I would say very early Edwardian. Perhaps the child in the photo was her last child born. Making your Gt.Grandmoter around 42 years of age.

    The baby clothes are, as mentioned, 'unisex'. Could be girl or boy.

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