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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurk View Post
    I'm getting confused about what you're actually saying, Guy. Are you saying that the marriage changes the woman's surname, in which case she should sign with her married name, or that it doesn't, in which case she can sign and call herself whatever she wants? Or are you just playing devil's advocate?

    If she is free to call herself whatever she wants, what is there to complain about, or even comment on, if she decides that she will be known by her pre-marriage surname until immediately after she has signed the marriage registers, and then changes to her husband's name?
    Arthurk, There is only one way to change ones name in England and Wales and that is by using the new name, everything else (including Marriage,‘Deed Poll’, Newspaper Announcement, etc.) are only types of evidence that a change of name has been undertaken.”

    The original question was-
    Quote Originally Posted by wimsey View Post
    too much time on my hands

    when a bride signs the marriage register she has already been pronounced wife of Mr X - so why does she sign with her maiden name ?
    I answered that question in my first post (# 10) on the subject (a hurried posting made on a day there were nationwide problems with my internet provider).
    Other people posted that the names in the signatures had to agree with the names on the register but that was not the case and there was a system in place to cope with the eventuality of a difference between the two and the witnesses could vouch that the person who made the signature and the person named on the register were one and the same.

    However there is a difference between what a person may do under the laws of England and Wales and what convention or customs may require one to do.
    There are also the demands placed on a person living under an authoritative system who obey what their superiors say no matter what they may want to do themselves.
    Some people do not have the strength of mind to do what they want to do and follow convention or custom.

    As we have gained from the past, we owe the future a debt, which we pay by sharing today.

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    Really loved the wonderful, puzzling question that came up and the responses to them too!

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