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    Thank you all for additional replies. Meghan, the DNA route is a possibility, as you say, perhaps fairly expensive, with no guarantees, but still a good possibility nevertheless! I guess given my Father's age it would feel rather alien to him which is probably why we haven't taken further thus far.

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    Jomot1, thank you for your reply and research. No problem about the name mix up, so easily done. Interestingly, with the George O'Connor details you have provided for the one born in 1915 in Hartlepool Co Durham, there is an entry in the electoral register in I believe 1951 which shows the names George O'Connor and Martha O'Connor. This of course was shown at an address up North, however, I am sure Martha Forrest kept connections with her location of birth where her siblings continued to reside. It is so easy to let the imagination 'run away' a little, but I did wonder where Martha Forrest may have been entered as Martha O'Connor on the electoral register?!

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