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    Default Looking for any information on Pinker

    I am looking for any information on the Pinker family who worked within the Victualor or Licensing trade between 1700 and 1860. Eddie

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    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    It’s much easier to help if search information is not so minimal! Where were they, for a start. What forenames did they use?
    Where have you already looked? The 1851 census looks like an obvious place to start.

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    Default Thank you Lesley!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lesley Robertson View Post
    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    Itís much easier to help if 5e searchinformation is not so minimal! Where were they, for a start. What forenames did they use?
    Where have you already looked? The 1851 census looks like an obvious place to start.
    The Person of most interest to me is a John Pinker who was a Licenced victualler for the Hungerfords Arms at Foxham, Wilts in 1745 and a Mary Pinker a Licenced alehouse keeper or victualler somewhere in Calne and Chippenham hundreds.In Wiltshire 1756. These are the key people who I want more information on if in fact that is possible. it's too early for census I'm afraid. I know there are people with the same surname at bath and Keynsham. The Bath people were also involved with the Hoopers, Coopers for example there was a Company set up in bath which was listed on the 1792 street directories As Pinker and Cowdry Wine Coopers and Victualers. I need to prove the link. It shouldn't take me long. I have only been trying since 1983 but I now at least know the probable trade they were involved in thanks to the Wiltshire Social & Institutional Records 1123-1968. Thanks once again for your advice Lesley! Eddie

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    Hi Eddie

    If I'm reading the right will (or Administration, to be more correct) then I think they were Quakers, or at least Mary was.

    Ancestry has a 1759 Probate for John Pinker of Foxham, Bremhill, showing Administration to his widow, Mary, and at the bottom it says "Mary Pinker the Admr and being a Quaker made solid affirmation before me" Normally it would say 'duly sworn'.

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    Default Thank you Jomot1

    Oh thank you once again for your reply Jomot1. yes I have just recently downloaded this Administration. I highly suspect that these are the 2 Innkeepers. Although I was unsure about the alcohol with being a Quaker. The Pinkers were very good at keeping their information to themselves! It would have been really nice if they had mentioned the Inn in the Will but, there you go! At this time they congregated around 5 villages in Wilts. I could never be sure why they turned up there as it isn't a Wiltshire based name according to the Wiltshire Record Office back in 1984 when I used to travel there every evening after work. I would love to be able to prove that this John is the father of my ancestor John Pinker of Foxham who married Jane Hennant at Christian Malford on the 4th of April 1774. It now seems so near but so far away. Just to add that it is also a one name study for me now. I hold so much information on Pinkers world wide. Take care and thanks once again for your help! Eddie


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