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    This new thread should be read in conjunction with a much earlier thread on Henry Moses-Rosa Hart posted 22.4. 2012. In that thread I posted data on some of the lines which connected through marriages to Benjamin Hart b unknown died circa 1836 London my 4x great grandfather clothes salesman, glover, tailor of Rosemary Lane and later 3 and 7 Holywell Street. His daughter Rosa married Henry Moses.

    This new thread looks in detail at Sylvester Moses 1831-1913 son of Henry Moses/Rosa Hart who married two sister Rachel Isaacs 1826-1858 and Hannah Isaacs 1835-1866. The two sisters were daughters of Samuel Isaacs who died in 1838 and his wife Leah Simmons who died in 1876. Leah re- married to Michael Barnett. My interest is in looking in greater detail at the Isaacs/Simmons lines to see if they link to my Moses/Hart paternal line through marriages. In addition, I have previously posted on my Simons/Simmons/Simmonds relationship through marriage to my Jacobs lines and also the Isaacs of Chatham who married into my Crawcour and other lines. This ongoing research is being used to see whether or not the various lines relate further to each other.

    See Synagogue Scribes GSM192/04 Marriage 24 Nov 1819 -Samuel ISAACS father's Hebrew name Shlomeh Zalman-Leah SIMMONS -father's Hebrew name Aharon Hatter.
    Samuel Isaacs died in 1838- see Synagogue Scribes Will Extracts NA 912 Samuel Isaacs 7 July 1838 10 White Street Cutler Street Clothier wife Leah - Lewis Isaacs Clothier 6 White Street witness; Abraham Simmons witness victualler 3 Cutler Street.

    I will post more data on the various lines.


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    This post provides follow up data on the parents of Leah Simmons. Synagogue Scribes Will Extracts NA 756 Aaron SIMMONS 29 August 1834 Black Lion Petticoat Lane Whitechapel victualler former late wife Judy and two infant children Joshua and Sarah. In his will there is no mention of a second wife but son in law Samuel ISAACS clothes salesman 10 White Street . Aaron left Samuel 200 plus various other bequests. There was no reference to a second wife and Synagogue Scribes have said that a probable marriage between Aaron Simmons and Hannah MYERS GSM 205/03 and Cemetery Scribes ID 8422 may refer to Aaron-Aaron Simmons father Isaiah 24 Oct 1821-Hannah Myers -father Moshe maybe the same Aaron who named his late wife Judy. There is no proof of this.
    The suggestion maybe that Aaron was married twice but he makes no reference to any wife called Hannah in his will and in addition Leah Simmons was already married to Samuel Isaacs in 1819. It maybe that Leah's mother is not known and that Aaron re- married to a Judy given the young age of the children identified as infants at the time of his death in 1834. More research is needed.
    Synagogue Scribes suggests that Joshua Simmons maybe GSM312/24 who married Catherine LEWIS and Sarah Simmons maybe GSM318/1 who married Joseph JONES.

    I will post further.


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    There is at least 2 Ancestry family trees which has data on the Simmons/Isaacs/Moses lines but has missed naming Rosa Hart as the wife of Henry Moses. JewishGen UK Data bases indicate that Aaron Simmons aka SYMONS was married first to Judith HARRIS - Synagogue Scribes GSM205/03 Aaron SYMONS father Jesse Hatter Hebrew name=Judith HARRIS - Hebrew name Yetlah -father's Hebrew name Isaac Fishman 13 August 1800. The data is confirmed in London Insurance Policies and Trade Directories Aaron Simmons public house keeper Black Lion 99 Petticoat Lane Pigot 1827-28; 1819-1825; Victualler and Hatter The Black Lion and on 64 St.Giles High St in the tenure of Simmons a tailor 14.07.1830. His widow is named as Hannah Simmons The Black Lion Petticoat Lane 10.01.1835 and he as a Hatter and victualler.

    Leah Isaacs appears in the 1841 Census (Copyright TNA) HO107 725 3 9 13
    10 White Street St.Botolph Aldersgate
    Leah ISAACS 38 Clothes dealer b in county
    Elizabeth Isaacs 20
    Julia Isaacs 18
    Rachael Isaacs 15
    Harriett Isaacs 10
    Solomon Isaacs 8
    Hannah Isaacs 6
    All born in county
    At 11 White Street in 1841
    Elias ISAACS 27 General Dealer b in county
    Jane Isaacs 25
    Benjamin Isaacs 2
    Isaac Isaacs 4
    Matilda Isaacs infant
    All born in county +2 servants

    More to follow.


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    The following data refers to census, synagogue and other references relating to the Simmons/Isaacs/Barnett lines as previously posted on in this thread.
    Following the death of Samuel Isaacs in 1838 his wife Leah Isaacs nee Simmons remarried to Michael Barnett- Synagogue Scribes Marriages GSMa 019/34 30 ASpril 1843-Michael Barnett Hebrew name Meir father's Hebrew name Issachar- Leah Isaacs father's Hebrew name Aharon.
    1851 Census (Copyright TNA) HO107 29 1524 97 10
    10 White Street St.Botolph Aldgate
    Michael Barnet H M 36 Clothier b White St City of London
    Lea wife 48 b Spitalfields
    Elizabeth ISAACS dau u 29 b Marylebone
    Samuel ISAACS son in law u 26 Clothier b Marylebone
    Hannah ISAACS dau u 16 Tailoress b White Street
    Bearman? Barnet son 4 b White Street
    +1 servant

    1861 Census (Copyright TNA) RG9 211 24 8
    9 White Street St.Botolph Aldgate
    Michael Barnett H M 43 Clothier b London St Botolph Aldgate
    Leah wife 56 b Middx Christchurch
    Elizabeth ISAACS step dau u 38 b Middx Marylebone
    Bearon? Barnett son u 14 b London St Botolph Aldgate

    1871 Census (Copyright TNA) RG10 521 30 13
    66 High Street Towerhamlets Whitechapel
    Michael Barnett H M 57 General Dealer b Middx
    Leah wife 68 b Middx
    Elizabeth ISAACS dau u 47 b Middx
    +1 servant

    The Jewish Victorian. Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1871-1880 transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger 1999 Publisher Robert Boyd contains the Death Notice for Leah Barnett nee Isaacs nee Simmons:
    Death 5.12.1876 at 17 Little Alie Street Goodman's Fields after a painful illness,beloved wife of Michael BARNETT aged 74 ... American and Australia newspapers please copy

    The additional notice in Berger included:
    Michael Barnett- Mr Michael Barnett, Miss E ISAACS with Mr Samuel MOSES thanks for condolences for their late lamented wife and mother 15.12.1876

    I will post further.

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    The following data is taken from The Jewish Victorian.Genealogical information from The Jewish Newspapers 1861-70 transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger 2004 Publisher Robert Boyd. The data relates to the Death of Baron aka Bearon BARNETT son of Michael Barnett and Leah Barnett nee Isaacs nee Simmons:
    Death 28.11.1868 at 11 White Street Cutler Street Houndsditch dearly beloved son of Michael and Leah Barnett aged 22....On Sunday at the Burial Ground West Ham a monument was erected to the momory of a young man aged 19, named BEAREN BARNETT.The monument was erected by public subscription. We understand the young man had proved himself a useful member of society and had taken part in several minor charities. There was an appropriate inscription on the monument written by Rev B H ASCHER-16.4.1868

    GRO Death Index Record BARON BARNETT age 21 Dec qtr 1868 E London 1c 8



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