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    Default How to find my fathers platoon and where he w

    My father was a military police corporal. Dog handler trained i think at Netheravon ( sorry about spelling that). About 1950/51. He was sent to Basra. His name was James Charles Hillier and his dog was called Damoo. I do t kniw under what company nor why he was sent. He passed away i. May and i have an album of untitled photographs. Can anyone help?

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    If you came to us from Forces War Records reading this will explain the connection.
    You can find out about your father's war service by applying to the MoD for his service record. This 'sticky' explains and gives the link where you can download the application forms, You will need 30 pound, a copy of his death certificate and provide his birth date. It is not necessary for the applicant to give the regiment or service number if they have the details I have given.
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    If he trained at Netheravon he would have been in the RAF Police.
    As Christina said you can apply for his service records from the RAF here

    As I'm am ex RAF Police I know there is a number of Facebook groups there may be someone on there who remember your father


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