Because I speak Swedish and have experience transcribing 19th century letters, a friend in Australia asked me if I could translate a Danish marriage record found on Family Search. I have found myself defeated not so much by the language but by the handwriting. It appears to be in a mixture of Danish and German, perhaps reflecting the language spoken at the time in Schleswig, where the bride was from.

The record is No.8 (second from the top) at
(marriage of Christian CHRISTIANSEN to Anna Marie Friedericka SPECHT)

The headings are easy enough to translate, though I have had to guess at “haandtering” (handling), which I think must mean trade, although the parents also appear to be listed in this column.

I THINK I have extracted the most important genealogical info from the first two columns except for not being able to read addresses and what I suppose to be the occupation of the bridegroom and his father. If anyone can make out these words, so that I can look them up in Google Translate, I’d be grateful. I have translated the first two columns as follows:

Bridegroom's Name, Age, ?Trade? and Residence

Bachelor Christian CHRISTIANSEN, (word giving his occupation), born in the town of ?Friederichsburg? ??? in Sarland 27 August ’17; (confirmed?) Friederichsburg 29 April ’32; ??? 12 May 1830. (word denoting title or occupation of father?) Paul CHRISTIANSEN. M(other) Rebecka Christiana CHRISTIANSEN nee MŐLLER, (present address?) Holode ?? 14 April ‘51

Bride's Name, Age, ?Trade? and Residence

Spinster Anna Marie Friedericka SPECHT born in Schleswig 21 July, (bap?) 7 August ’25. Prof. Lorenz Ulrich SPECHT; M(other) Prof. Anna Magdalena Christiana nee BEIJER; (present address?) Marteno ?? sq 21 March ’51. Confirmed in Gelsing ???? 1 Aug ’35. (present address?) Dr. Klinck ??, Schleswig ’51.

First page signed by Irina ??, 27 Kűnflig in Schleswig

I am struggling more with the right hand page. The first column lists the witnesses (forlover means best man) and I can make out the names of Frederik Vilhelm CHRISTIANSEN and Christian Michael ?Serpaulin? HOLSCH, but not much else. I presume it is addresses but am not sure what it says.

The next column is the date of the marriage, which is obviously May, but I can’t decipher the first word.

The next column I have translated as Whether the wedding was in the Church or at home (in the last event the grant date) but I can’t make out the four words preceding the dates at the end.

Page numbers are easy enough, but again I can’t read what is written in the Remarks column on the extreme right.

Any help gratefully received.