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    My great great grandmother was Jane Setter born c1811 in Ireland, she married John Connell born c1801 also in Ireland. I don't know more than that. The couple got married in London in 1827. No parents were recorded on the marriage record.
    My question is the surname Setter. I have never come across it elsewhere, so I wondered if anyone else had. That might possibly give me an area to look up. I have had my DNA tested but it seems there are no clues there either.

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    If you do a global search for your surname on a site such as Ancestry you will get a lot of matches including within the UK.

    Just looking at the UK census lists - although note they don't have any censuses from Ireland - you people with the surname Setter popping up in England, Wales and Scotland and they seem to have been born in a number of unconnected places. However in the 1851 Wales census I did spot a Johanna Setter who was apparently born in "Tipperry, Ireland".

    Buoyed by that find I did a quick search for Setter born in Ireland and 4 or 5 civil registration births in Dublin and Belfast, but at a much later date than your ancestor, but I also found 3 baptisms in the period that you would be interested in, but in 3 different locations.

    I suspect given the scarcity of the name in Ireland that it's origins are from elsewhere, which of course does not help you.


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