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    Default Canadian searching for WWII casualties' list

    Hello all! I've been working on and off for about 16 months on my family genealogy. I just discovered the website for Military documents but with a name like Johnson and names such as Hughes and Harrison in my background I'm having a difficult time with some things on that site.

    Today my search was for my Dad and my Mum's uncle John W Harrison's records. I found some, but not all, of my Dad's. However, John died during WWII and I remember my Mum having a photo of his gravestone but I can't find any database that shows deceased military from the UK. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?



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    It doesn't have photographs, but it will tell you when and where they died and where they are buried/ commemorated:

    Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

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    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( should give you a start toward finding the graves.
    WW2 records are not yet in the public domain - I'm sure one of our wonderful mods will give you the details how to obtain them.

    Megan beat me to it! For photos of the graves, try Find A Grave - they might be there (when in a cemetery, like many others I take photos of the War Graves & upload them)

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    There's a link to the message about WW2 service records HERE.

    That only works for the RAF. I assume that he wasn't in the Canadian Forces?

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