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    Default Falmer Parish Registers

    Have come across a curiosity in the Falmer Registers on line at Family Search.

    The handwritten register from about 1760 to the end of the century contains what appears to me to be a large numer of marriages of persons not from the parish. I have never come across this before in the innumerable films I have waded through over the years.

    the practice appears to end either with the appointment of a new vicar and the coming in to use of one of the new fangled printed registers when normal service appears to have been resumed and most parties or at least one of them are of this parish.

    Has anyone any ideas on what may have been happening in this parish for such a long time that attracted "outsiders" to come to Falmer to be wed?

    cheers Ed

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    What image page numbers are you looking at, Ed?
    I've checked 720-725 as well as 750 onwards without seeing anything too strange. Mostly grooms from Brightholmestone, Patcham, Stanmer, and Lewes which are all 'local' places, and their brides are 'of this parish'.

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    Default Falmer parish registers

    I was looking in the general register. Period as I mentioned about 1750 to end of century. I know that these other places are near by and would include one or other of the parties. But as I said there were a lot of marriages during this time where both parties were from other parts of the county and even some from Kent. Falmer at this time was a small parish linked to stammer so only the two churches. Brighton had as many and from memory Lewes had four parishes. Hence my curiosity.

    Cheers. ed


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