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    Default Minny/Minnie Gray - Aberdeen

    Hi, PLEASE can anyone help me, i'm looking for information on a person called Minnie/Minny Gray who lived in Aberdeen in the 1910/20/30's and who had a daughter Aggie!! Probably lived in the Carmelite Street/Martin's Lane area. That's about all the information that i have. Thank you :-)

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    Have you checked the 1911 census? That is where I would start.
    You will have to go to Scotland’s People (see the top of this forum for a message about SP). It is a pay to use site but not expensive, and well worth it.

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    Don't forget that "Minnie" can be a name in its own right, but also a pet name. To make make more complicated, the original name can vary with the location - in Scotland I have found it used for Mary and Wilhelmina, but also under the heading "why on earth?".


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