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    Default Dunkirk Evacuation Interview Requests

    Hi My name is Alexander Donkersloot. I am a grade 8 student doing National History Day project sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute's topic of Triumph and Tragedy in History. I am very interested in the events of the Dunkirk Evacuation as my grandparents lived in Europe during WWII and I am amazed how the evacuation had numerous impacts on the potential outcome of the war.

    I would very much appreciate it if there was anyone who may be interested to speak to me about their experiences. If you know of anyone who may be interested to discuss their experiences either as a direct participant or maybe as a relative who has had stories passed down to them - I would be very appreciative if you could reach out me. Either through this post or my email at - sccanuck1 AT gmail DOT com

    Thank You.
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    You may be more successful in finding Dunkirk survivors on our sister forum, Forces Reunited.

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