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    Default RASC PRIVATE 68876

    I found this entry on a living relatives birth certificate after the father's name. No relatives have any more information regarding his service.

    I have searched FWR and fmp using the name and service number and found nothing.
    Edward Arthur Mottram b.16 Dec 1922, d. Aug 1997. I am assuming that he must have served in WW2.

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    RASC = Royal Army Service Corps and he was a private. Unfortunately the MoD still hold WW11 service records so nothing will be found online apart from the war diaries for the corps. These should be on The National Archives site.
    This link explains how to apply for the service records and ives a link where you can download the application forms. Read the instructions carefully because there are restrictions on what information you are entitled to related to date of death and your relationship to the deceased.
    it will also cost 30 pounds and quite a wait before you receive them if you decide to go ahead.

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