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    Question no.31 Bomb and Gunnery Association RAF WWII

    I am trying to find any members or associates of the RAF no.31 Bomb and Gunnery School at Camp Picton, Ontario part of the BCATP from 1941-1944 or RAF no.6 Bomb and Gunnery Training Base - Mountain View,Ontario

    I have been told that my grandfather was stationed there during WWII as a mechanic not sure if airplane or motor pool.

    His name was Patrick Young - nicked name Paddy. Story is that he was from a small village south of Dublin Ireland, but my DNA is showing England, Wales, Scotland and Northwestern Europe (Eastern seaboard of Ireland)

    He had an affair with my grandmother, Rena. I know he stayed in Ontario, Canada to around 1951,but cannot find any information on him anywhere...any help would be greatly appreciated from across the pond in London Ontario.

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    "RAF no.31 Bomb and Gunnery School at Camp Picton, Ontario" Try Google lots of information about the base even a Facebook Page you might be able to connect with someone one that is able to help you. We can't help you with details of living people on this Forum.

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    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum. Our members are enthusiastic, and most are happy to help. However, please note that we don't allow details about (possibly) living people to be posted on the open forum. Your post is pretty vague and the name is common so I'm not going to edit it, but some help, if more info about him appears, people may have to pass it on via our Personal Messaging (pm) system.

    Please do not worry about DNA results at this time - it's not accurate enough to dismiss a potential ancestor especially since people have been moving around since the Romans and could have left their DNA anywhere.

    If he was in the Royal Air Force, they will still have his records. HOWEVER, they require a death certificate before they will release records to a relative - there's a message about that HERE.

    At the moment, I have no really creative ideas, except that the broad type of query you have posed in message 1 might be more successful on our sister (brother?) forum, Forces Reunited HERE. I sometimes still get messages from there from men who knew my DAD (also WW2 RAF) or their children.

    There will probably be someone else along in a bit with another idea.

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