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    It appears that Samson/Sampson went to America.

    Samson Goulston' Age: 17
    Arrival date: 20 Feb 1871
    Ethnicity/ Nationality: English
    Port of Departure: Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland
    Destination: United States of America
    Port of Arrival: New York, New York
    Ship Name: Virginia

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    That's great thankyou.... I now know to trace new York arrivals . I couldn't seem to find any more information than you guys have given me. In fact you have all given me much much more. I thank you for that!

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    Default Information about Goulston family

    My first (late) husband was a Goulston and he compiled a family tree, going back to about 1790. He was a descendant of John (Jacob) Goulston (born 1809), Edward's brother. Their father was Menassah Isaac Goulston, born 1761, died 4 January 1837, but there are other variations of this surname - Goldson and Goldston. He married Elizabeth ? and the family lived at 20 Primrose Street in East London. The family tree I have shows that Edward (Eleazar) married Frances Barnett on 6 June 1837, but only shows one son, Manassah Isaac, born 16 March 1842, but not your great great grandfather. Taking the family tree back even further, Menassah's father was Isaac Goldstone/Goldson, but my late husband was never able to find out which part of Europe Isaac came from. Some records states that the family first settled in Portsmouth and came to London about 1800. I can confirm the family is Jewish and it set up a sealing wax business in 1819, called the Victory Works to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo. The business continued until about 1970.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon1978 View Post
    Hi I'm looking for information on my great great grandfather and his father Edward.

    My great great grandfather Henry Morris goulston born 1843/4 mile end Middlesex.

    His father Edward Morris goulston born 1813/4 mile end Middlesex. He also lived in Bancroft cottage at some point.

    The surname is a confusion to me as my DNA results show Ashkenazi Jewish and Henry was rumoured to have taught horseman ship to prince Ferdinand of Austria during the ottoman empire. Any information greatly appreciated

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    Hi Jackie. Thankyou so much for the information provided by yourself and your late husband. (Sorry to hear that).
    I have some grounds to search now thanks to what you have provided. I am very grateful for your time and help! Regards Simon

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