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    Default Thomas Scott St Cuthberts Poorhouse Edinburgh

    I am trying to research my family history and have found a record referring to Thomas Scott who died in 1868 as a pauper in St Cuthberts Poorhouse Edinburgh.

    Where can I find more information about Thomas Scott?

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    Do you have his death certificate? You can buy a dowload from Scotlands People - you do have to open a (free) account with them and then buy credits as you need them. There's a message about using them HERE. I must admit that Poorhouse death certificates can sometimes be disappointing, though. If one of the staff registered his death, they might not have known about his family.

    The Scotlands People index is free, you pay if you want to see/download the certificate. I can tell you that 2 men called Thomas Scott have death certs in Edinburgh in 1868 - one was 76 and the other 50. Is one of them yours?

    I see that GENUKI HERE has a list of sites covering aspects of Scottish Poorhouses. I must say, though, that when I went looking for my GGFather who died in a Dundee poorhouse, it was the Dundee Archives who provided most help as they still had the admissions books. It might be worth tracking down their equivalent for Edinburgh.

    PS I see that St Cuthbert's only opened in 1868. Peter Higginbotham's brilliant site on British Workhouses has a section about it and its predecessor HERE.


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