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    Default Henry Simon LAZARUS Whitchurch and Prestwich

    I'm trying to sort out confusing census information re Henry Simon LAZARUS and his BARNETT son-in-law and grandchildren. I'm posting what I think is relevant to my questions, which are near the end of this post.

    Henry Simon LAZARUSís father may have been Simon Lazarus, a cheese factor of Whitchurch who made payments to the Manchester Synagogue (Making of the Manchester Jewry).

    According to combined information of the 1841 and 1861 census records and GRO death registration, Henry Simon Lazarus was born in Poland c. 1784 Ė 1791. He lived in Whitchurch, Shropshire, (newspaper notices; births of his daughters according to census records), but was later the sexton of the Bury New Road Cemetery in Prestwich, Manchester. He died in London Aug 17 1868 at Fenchurch Street Station Western Times - Tuesday 25 August 1868).
    HSLís will was probated by his daughter Priscilla, wife of Adolf Cohen (Mary Priscilla, born Whitchurch c. 1819 m. Adolf Cohen in Whitchurch 17 May, 1840 Ė wedding described in various newspapers.)

    Iíve found census entries for HSL for 1841 and 1861. There is a 1851 census entry that may be related to him, but the information is confusing. The census information is as follows (taken from; transcription corrections are in brackets):

    1841 Census
    [Henry Simon Lazarus] Tailor
    Age: 50
    birth year: abt 1791
    Gender: Male
    Where born: Foreign Parts

    [Mary Lazarus]
    Age: 55
    Estimated birth year: abt 1786
    Gender: Female
    Where born: Foreign Parts

    [Eliza Lazarus]
    Age: 15 N[ot born Lancashire]
    Estimated birth year: abt 1826

    Name: Lazarus Barnett
    Age: 1
    N[ot born Lancashire]
    Estimated birth year: abt 1840

    1851 Census:
    I havenít been able to find an 1851 for Henry S(imon) Lazarus, but the Whellan and Coís 1852 Directory of Manchester has an entry for Simon Henry Lazarus, sexton, Bury New Road Cemetery.

    1861 Census:
    address: Bury New Road Cemetery
    Name: Henry S Lazarus sexton of Jews Cemetery
    Age: 77
    Estimated Birth Year: 1784
    Relation: Head
    Gender: Male
    Where born: Poland

    Name: Amelia Lazarus
    Age: 76
    Estimated Birth Year: 1785
    Relation: Wife
    Gender: Female
    Where born: Poland

    Margaret Oakes 13 servant

    Note: I have found no evidence that a Mary Lazarus died, or that HSL married an Amelia between the
    1841 and 1861 censuses; are Mary and Amelia the same woman?

    (Note: There was a Henry S(amuel) Lazarus, a tin plate worker and tea urn manufacturer. He married three times one of those being wives a Mary Amelia. This is a different couple! His other wives were Charlotte and Eliza Jane. Don't let this man confuse you!)

    I have found this 1851 census (info taken from the digital image):

    Address: Jewish Cemetery (Prestwich, Lancashire)
    Samuel Lazarus Occupation: sexton
    age 58 (born c.1793)
    born Poland

    Amelia Lazarus
    age 64 (born c. 1787)
    born Poland

    [Oranto] Barnett [named is transcribed as Oronto; neither version seems to be a real name, maybe itís something else]
    age 12
    born London, Middlesex

    [Leopold] Barnett
    age 10
    born London, Middlesex

    Hannah Barnett
    age 8 [very difficult to read age as has dash through it, but a close examination suggests 8]
    born Prestwich

    Observations re the above census records and directory entry:
    Mary and Ameliaís birth information correspond.
    Henry Simon Lazarus and Samuel Lazarus were both recorded as sexton of the cemetery at Preswich, but ages donít match. (Was Samuel, eg, a brother of Henry, filling in for him at the time of the census and the relationship information got muddled?)
    There are BARNETT children in both the 1841 and 1851 census.

    According to a news item about a Whitchurch wedding (Derbyshire Courier - Saturday 25 August 1838 A Jewish Wedding), ďThe lady is S. C. Lazarus, well known in this town; the gentleman (Mr. Z. Barnett) is from London.Ē
    The brideís first name was Sarah. In 1851 Census she is married and with the household of her brother-in-law Joseph Slazenger MOSS, her sister Eliza [Wife] (born Whitchurch) and her sister Mary Priscilla COHEN (married; born London). No BARNETT children are present.

    * Where was Henry Simon Lazarus at the time of the 1851 census?
    * Are Mary and Amelia (wife/wives in the scensuses) the same women?
    * Who is Samuel Lazarus in the 1851 census (is Amelia really his wife)?
    *Who was Z. BARNETT who married S(arah) C Lazarus? (I havenít found him anywhere.)
    *Who are all the BARNETT children Ė Lazarus, Oranto(?), Leopold, Hannah? 1844

    I canít find the BARNETT kids GRO birth records, nor find them in other census records.
    BARNETT/LAZARUS I have found in the GRO records:
    1842 David City of London Union
    1843 Adeline Anna Manchester
    1849 Hannah Whitechapel
    1850 Leah Whitechapel

    None of these births match up with the census entries

    These can be excluded because they belong to one of my LAZARUS relations (Caroline Lazarus married Abraham Barnett in Exeter, 1838)
    1841 Eve City of London Union
    1844 Montague ďĒ
    1848 Eleazer ďĒ

    Any help answering my questions will be much appreciated.

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    I have just seen your post of 2018. I have information about Sarah Charlotte Lazarus and Zacharia John Barnett and their children - Percy Arthur, Flora Marion and Evelyn Eve Barnett which I am happy to share with you if you are still interested. These children were born in 1858, 1860 and 1863 respectively. If you are still interested I am happy to share all the information that I have, including birth, marriage and death certificates.

    Pat Cox

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