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    Default Missing from the 1901 census

    Hi all,

    I am pretty new to this website so first time posting

    So I am a bit stumped - I cannot find my great great grandfather James Leigh on the 1901 census - I can get him on every other but not that one.

    Born : 1883 in Stockport, Cheshire and Died: 1954 in Stockport, Cheshire.

    He is listed on the 1891 census living with his grandparents a Martha and James Gaunt as well as his parents Benjamin and Sarah and his two brothers Mark R and Joseph. His family are found on the 1901 census but without him - he is then on 1911 census living with his wife Mary Ellen Leigh and their three children in Stockport.

    Any ideas where he might have disappeared to?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful insights

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    My Great Grandfather went missing for the 1861 census but was visible on all the other years. I found his wife and young baby at two separate addresses. It was either military absence or prison. It was the latter 12 months hard labour for poaching. Feeding a young family I suppose. I would try those area's. Hope this helps.

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    Could he have been in hospital? Or like the previous post said, in prison or possibly abroad with the army.

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    How precise are you when you're searching the 1901 census. e.g. only for James Leigh, born 1883 in Stockport, or are you searching for James born 1883 plus or minus two years?

    Enumerator errors occur and they leave off a member of the family when transferring details from the original household schedule to the ones we see.
    They also mistranscribe ages, so 27 could turn into 21, 23, 29, 47, 41, etc. So search for James Leigh, born Stockport, or James no surname, born Stockport plus or minus a set number of years.

    It's also not unknown for families to omit children from the list. One of hubby's lot listed a child who had left home (found him living in a different part of town) but left off the younger child. Though they did try to be helpful by giving the correct age for the younger child to the elder one. (i.e. Tom, who'd left home and was aged 20, was said to be 16, which was the age of William who had been left off.)

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    there's an 18-year-old James LEE (1901 census) lodging in Chester with head of household Caroline SULLIVAN and her 3 children surnamed FRANCIS, but it gives James's birthplace as Chester so I guess we should discount

    I'm using FamilySearch so I can only give you schedule 186, page 38, The Newgate, St Johns, Chester Castle, Chester.


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