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    This looks like Henry in 1911, and remembering that at that point he had no need to fib about his age, he says he is aged 35. The 1911 census was taken in April so presumedly he thinks he turned 35 in September 1910.

    Looking back at previous census records I cannot see another Henry WILSON born 1874-1878 in Yorkshire with parents Charles and Mary Ann.

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    Good idea to ask the persons with the trees with same name for any info they have regarding records of proof births ect.

    other thing i do is i look at the names to see if there repeated down the line like i have found at least 5 generations of Joseph and 4 James named after there ancestors.

    Other hint i found is a lot seem to stay in the area or close to it they were born.

    I like to prove my family line by having the proof of docs and asking other members if they are the same to confirm or disprove by asking you may find like i do distant family members alive.

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    I've been considering all the records found some which can't be published here, but seen by me (FMP records) and all point towards Charles Wilson and Mary Ann Hirst being 'your' Henry's parents. Mary Ann (Knapp) was a widow when she married Charles in 1867.

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    Be careful with the Hirst/Hurst connection, if you get a Jane from Homlesfield/Huddersfield they are connected to one of my lines

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