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    Default Jacob Hipp - Baker to Their Majesties

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for my 4x great grandfather Jacob Hipp ( -1810) whom I believe to be a native of Germany (according to the Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser - 14 Sep 1810). I have been unable to find any documents relating to his arrival in England and I wonder if anyone might be able to help me.

    What I do know is:

    He married Mary Adams (1744-1781) in St James, Westminster n 27 June 1767.
    I have various rate books.
    There is a Tradesman's card stating he is Deutsche Baker to the Royal Family.
    He married Margaret Beadle in Hackney on 10 June 1782.
    He had insurance policies with Royal & Sun Alliance Group
    He was listed in Wakefield's Merchant & Tradesman's General Directory for London.
    The Morning Post - 2 Feb 1810 announced his change of address from Crown Court, Paved Alley to 3 bury Street St James
    Was in possession of shares.
    Died in 1810.
    Left a Will

    Thanking you in anticipation

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    He married Mary Adams (1744-1781) in St James, Westminster n 27 June 1767.
    I have various rate books.
    There is a Tradesman's card stating he is Deutsche Baker to the Royal Family.
    He married Margaret Beadle in Hackney on 10 June 1782.
    Have you found a burial for the first Mary?
    On the second marriage certificate does it say 'widower' or bachelor? (Yes, I know he could have lied.)
    Or are there two Jacob Hipps?
    Hackney isn't many miles from Westminster but it's a completely different social class.


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    In Roger Wakefield's 1793 Directory, "Wakefield's merchant and tradesmen's general directory for London, Westminster, Borough of Southwark ...." Jacob's entry reads -

    "Hipp Jacob, Dutch Baker to their Majesties, Pav'd-Alley, St.James's"

    Does the "Dutch" refer his origins or the style of baking supplied to their Majesties?
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    You frequently see “Dutch “ and “ Deutsche” used as synonyms, often meaning German.
    It could just refer to baking style, but don’t forget that this was when there was a major influx of people from the Low Countries, including the Orange royal house in place of the Stuarts.

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    Hello Pam

    Mary Adams was buried 20 July 1781 St Matthews, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Mddx
    under the name of Mary Hipps.

    The second marriage says widower & spinster
    I don't know if there are two of them - it wouldn't surprise me! I agree about the location but who knows where he met Margaret or what she was like and he had children?

    You have put some doubt in my mind - I have looked at the burial for Mary Adams and also at the burial for Margaret Beadle. Margaret Beadle was buried in Westminster. German Lutheran Church, Savoy, Strand as was Jacob, so why was Mary Adams buried somewhere else?

    Hello Helachau

    I don't know, I presumed it referred to his origin.

    Hello Lesley

    Thank you for this information, I will extend my search in that direction. I do think he came from somewhere in Germany because the Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser - 14 Sep 1810 referred to him as a "native" of Germany and I cannot find a baptism for him.

    Best wishes to all, Lyndie

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    European borders then were not what they are today. Napoleon changed a lot, and much of what we know as Germany today was then the Holy Roman Empire..... I suggest that you take a look at what was going on at this time. Amazingly, the Wikipedia page is reasonable HERE

    BTW have you read the will? He seems to have had pots of money!

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    There's an entry in the register of the German Lutheran Church on the Strand reporting his burial on 16 Sept 1810 and giving his age as 72. That gives an approximate birth year of 1738.
    Search Ancestry if you want the full entry, which includes the location of his grave.

    FamilySearch has baptisms, etc for Germany (don't know how complete it is) and gives Hepp and Epp as alternative spellings.

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    Hi Lesley

    I read through the Wiki info and found it most interesting however it all happened after Jacob's death.

    Yes, I have read the Will (as best as I could) and a lot of it I don't understand but I did manage to get the names of his children.

    I have seen the entry regarding the burial, unfortunately that site does not exist anymore. I contacted the Lutheran Church connected to the cemetery but they had no information.

    I think the birth range is between 1738 & 1740. The marriage entry states he was 27.

    I will have a look in Family Search.

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    Not sure if either of the following help at all:

    1) Would the Guild of Bakers have any info?

    2) I googled Jakob Hipp Germany and the first entry under My Heritage has the following
    - apologies if you know all this already!

    Jacob Hipp was born circa 1745, at birth place.
    Jacob married Mary Hipp (born Adams) on month day 1767, at age 22 at marriage place.
    Mary was born in March 1745, in London England.
    They had one daughter: Ann Deborah Caroline Haneman (born Hipp).
    Jacob married Margaret Hipp (born Beadle).
    Margaret was born circa 1762, in Hackney London England.
    They had 2 sons: Jacob Hipp and one other child.
    Jacob married Rebecca Hipp.
    Rebecca was born in 1745, in London England.
    They had one son: George Frederick Hipp.
    Jacob lived in 1790, at address.
    Jacob passed away on month day 1810, at age 65 at death place.

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    Hello Jill

    The Guild of Bakers does not hold any genaeological information.

    Jacob married Mary Adams in 1767, she died 1781. He then married Margaret Beadle in 1782. According to the Will he mentions his dearly beloved wife Margaret, so I don't think he married Rebecca. The bapt for George Frederick Hipp I believe says Jacob & Mary.

    I would love to know when Jacob came to England but I can't seem to find this. Of course a baptism with his parents names would be useful but alas unable to find this either. Happy days!

    Thank you very much for your efforts.
    Best wishes, Lyndie

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