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    Default Administration of estate

    Henry Sellwood died 26/3/1883 and Administration of estate was granted to "Sarah Sellwood Widow of the relict", personal estate was 280 3/3.
    On 25/6/1900, Administration was granted to "Joseph Samuel Sellwood" (the son) effects 200. "Former grant May 1883".

    I would have expected to see Administration of estate to Sarah, as Henry had died intestate. However, why was a second grant made to Joseph?

    Joseph was 26 when Henry died - so he was of age. Might he have contested the first grant?
    And why the difference of 80 3/3?

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    The second grant would have been because Sarah hadn't finished the job. When did she die?

    And why the difference of 80 3/3?
    Perhaps Sarah dealt with some of it but not all.

    Widow of the relict
    You mean "widow, the relict".


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