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    For those of you who remember Eileen, also known as Bee...I just want to let you know that she passed away last Saturday, one week after her 92nd birthday. We "met" on here and enjoyed an email and Facebook friendship for all these years. She was a very helpful and smart lady with a great wit. I will miss her.

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    How thoughtful of you letting us know about Eileen's ( BeeE586?) passing.

    It is a great achievement to maintain a friendship by internet for so long, started because of a shared interest in genealogy. She will always be in your memories.
    I am sure that some of our members who have been with us for many years will remember her very helpful contributions to our addictive 'hobby.'

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    Thank you for letting us know. She was indeed a very kind and helpful member.

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    Having met Eileen a number of times at Chesterfield FHS she was a great contributor to family history and her lectures were very interesting.
    She will be missed by all who knew her


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