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    The following record relates to Frederick Charles Overton and his 2nd wife Ethel Rapersby:
    1939 Register ( Copyright TNA)
    68 Tartar Road Surrey
    Frederick C Overton M b 10 February 1892 Builders Labourer
    Ethel M Overton M b 3 July 1892 Unpaid Domestic Duties
    RECORD CLOSED but possibly Joan Ethel Elizabeth Overton b 1924
    Rita M M Overton b 9 October 1926 at school
    Elizabeth RAPERSBY F b 5 April 1867 M Unpaid domestic duties

    GRO Death Index Frederick C Overton Age 64 b abt 1892 Jan qtr Lambeth 5c 1523
    Nb There is at least 1 Ancestry Public family tree which has Frederick Charles Overton dying in Lincolnshire in 1957 - this is a different person.
    The parents of Frederick- William Joseph Overton and Harriet Danly.

    1911 ( Copyright TNA)
    Annie Gibson Boarder Single 30 Laundry Maids living in the house of James White and his wife 2 Daisy Cottages Tartar Hill Cobham Surrey
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

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    As a very brief re-cap for my Hart/Crawcour relatives the paternal line for Napthali Asher Hart (this can be seen on Cemetery Scribes family records and Ancestry.Public trees) is:
    Henry Hart-Phoebe Myers their son
    Aaron Hart-Ann Rebecca Crawcour their son
    Napthali Asher Hart-Edmee Richards.

    There is early data on the parents of Henry Hart-Phoebe Myers. These lines are Ashkenazi Jews as Synagogue and other records confirm. The lines are Polish and probably German. In the case of Napthali Asher Hart his wife Edmee is not a Jew and she is the daughter of Albert Bate Richards and Marion Greatorex. I hold a range of data on the Richards/Greatorex which I have not posted.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The 1939 Register (Copyright TNA) records Alfred Aaron aka Aaron Alfred Hart with his wife and 2 sons. Nb His other son Ronald is living in Dorset probably due to the outbreak of WW2 when young children were sent away from London and major towns.
    38 Water Lane Lambeth SW2
    ALFRED A HART ( The name has been amended in green to AARON A HART)M Boot repairer b 28 December 1888
    Elizabeth Hart M Charlady b 3 June 1889
    Alfred Arthur Hart Salesman Boot-shoe b 3 November 1918
    Joseph A Hart Hall porter b 15 July 1922

    The London Electoral Rolls show:
    1935 304 Battersea Park Road SW11- Alfred Aaron Hart-Elizabeth Hart
    1936 at 339 Wandsworth Road Brixton.
    In 1964 Alfred A Hart-Elizabeth J Hart 38 Brixton Water Lane

    Currently I have not located Alfred Arthur Hart post 1939.
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    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following data is based on my further research regarding Rosina Marjorie Hart and her brother Alfred Aaron aka Aaron Alfred Hart children of Napthali Asher Hart and Edmee Richards.

    This research relates to the records for the Norwood Jews Hospital and the children admitted to the orphanage. These records are held at the University of Southampton Archives. Access to these records can be made in person or by Virtual link on application ( see the website for the University of Southampton Archives).
    For my Hart/Crawcour relatives they may wish to look at the searchable archive data base which has family records including correspondence on the Salaman line. Myer Salaman married Sarah Solomon daughter of Bella Solomon nee Hart and Josiah Solomon.
    Bella Solomon nee Hart was the sister of Aaron Hart my 3x great grandfather and aunt to Napthali Asher Hart son of Aaron Hart and Ann Rebecca Crawcour.
    I have already posted on the Bequest Bella Solomon nee Hart made to Rosina and Alfred in 1906. Some years ago I saw the receipts of money paid to Rosina Hart by either the Hambro or Norwood Jews Hospital ( I cannot locate copies of the receipts but am aware that they are probably still held by the descendants of Rosina).

    Currently,one of the archivist's at the University of Southampton has sent me an initial record reference for Rosina. This record relates to the First Application 64 July election 1898. Rosina Marjorie Hart Hambro Orphanage Roehampton Lane Putney SW. Mother dead.Two children. One dependent on the father. ...nos...64 Failed to pass Medical examination.

    Currently, I do not know which child the reference regarding 'failed medical examination refers to'.
    A family story refers to Alfred being born sickly and dying as a young child which has proven to be wrong given Alfred's marriage.

    This maybe Alfred in 1901 Census ( Copyright TNA)
    RG13 828 172 33 181
    Metropolitan Home, Broadstairs Kent ( Metropolitan Convalescent Home)
    ALFRED HART 12 Patient School b London

    I cannot locate Rosina in the 1901 Census.

    The Metropolitan Home was set up in 1895 to house poor sick children from London ( see Former Childrens' Homes site).

    Edmee Hart nee Richards died in 1897 and the 1898 application suggests that Napthali Asher Hart aka Asher aka Arthur Robert Hart was seeking to place his children in an orphanage quickly.

    There are 2 other children who are the half siblings of Rosina and Alfred/Aaron namely Edmee aka Kitty and Marion and their whereabouts for the same time period are unclear.

    I intend to use the Virtual contact facility at the University of Southampton to research further on the lines.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    This post adds brief data on Joseph Asher Hart 1922-2006 son of Alfred/Aaron Hart and Elizabeth Pople.
    GRO Marriage Index Joseph A Hart-Margaret P SCHOLLAS Sept qtr 1949 Lambeth 5c 3440. One Ancestry public tree has Margaret Schollas born Dusseldorf Germany. A marriage certificate might confirm her father and her age.

    GRO Death Index Joseph Asher Hart age 84 b 15 July 1922 Nov 2006 Bromley A49 22/1A 132

    Joseph was living with his parents in 1947 London Electoral Register 38 Brereton House Tulse Hill SW2 and at same address in 1952. Between 1959-1964 he was living with Margaret at 36 Furneaux Avenue Norwood Lambeth.

    Currently, I have not been able to identify Margaret's death.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    For Hart/Crawcour relatives - I have ordered the GRO Marriage Certificate today for Joseph Asher Hart-Margaret P Schollas (1949 as previously posted) and will post data on arrival. There are 4 children from the marriage but given their dates of birth I will not post data although one has died. There is an error in the transcription of the mother's maiden name on Free BMD for the first child. The surname is recorded as Scholles and not Schollas. A close examination of the original index shows the letter 'a' and not 'e'.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    This is the GRO Marriage Certificate for JOSEPH ASHER HART and MARGRET PAULA SCHOLLAS:
    Corpus Christ Church Brixton Hill Lambeth
    23 July 1949
    JOSEPH ASHER HART 27 Bachelor Motor Mechanic 38 Brixton Water Lane SW2 -Father ALFRED HART Night Watchman

    MARGRET PAULA SCHOLLAS 20 Spinster no occupation 38 Brixton Water Lane SW2 -Father EWALD??? SCHOLLAS General Salesman
    Married according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Catholics

    R J HART

    Nb The father's first name foe Margret is difficult to read and there are E SCHALLES; E SCHILLAS;E SCHELLHAS last names living in Germany during the 1920s and later.

    Further research is needed to identify the correct individual.

    Joseph Asher Hart is the son of Aaron Alfred aka Alfred Aaron Hart and Elizabeth Pople.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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