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A possible baptism for Catherine on 23 Sep 1843 in Cork which is in the ballpark if her age is to be believed.


Catherine, daughter of Thomas LYONS and Catherine AHERN, sponsors Daniel QUIN and Ellen SULLIVAN.

Who were the witnesses when John and Catherine married?
@Dundee10 that seems plausible but so do some of the other haha, how do you ever pinpoint the correct one if you cannot locate them on a census record? however, Catherine's age jumps around all the time making it even harder. In one census she is the same age as John indicating 1841 as her birth but in the next shes about 4 years younger indicating 1845-6 so its hard to pinpoint her.
So when researching my self i decided to use the age given on her wedding cert which indicates about 1842-3.

The witness for John and Catherine's marriage were Mary whelan and David Norbury.

i have researched Norbury and he is from Ireland and was about 18 at the time of the marriage
Thanks for the reply.