Is just a small selection of the names! The Dustows originate around Veryan in Cornwall and spelling varies Dewstoe seems common. The Smith's were around Burford in Oxfordshire, but originally Gloucestershire around Dursley (Matthew Smith born around 1780 'of Hawkesbury' on marriage record) I can find a Matthew Smith baptised in a non-conformist tabernacle in Dursley in 1784. If I follow the most probable line back I get to a Maurice Smith b 1682 in Berkeley.
The Farley line seems to originate in Gloucestershire and at one point Edward Farley b 1813 in Deerhurst marries Mary Ann Farley b 1824 in Gloucester - it seems likely they are related in some way, but I've yet to find it.
The Baldwins came from Ireland, William Baldwin b 1813 Waterford marries Sarah Shiel (Shield/s) in 1834 in Nenagh, Tipperary. Sarah is probably born c1817-19 but there are no surviving birth records for Tipperary for that time that I can find. They had an eventful life - William was in the army and served in Nova Scotia where they had several children, they then returned to England before emigrating to New Zealand - they end up with children born in England, Ireland, Nova Scotia and New Zealand.
The Mills Line goes back to Gloucestershire as well, but further back it's Burford again. It seems my Mills and Smith ancestors came from very similar areas - I keep waiting for the lines to cross, and I have got a few connections