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    I'm not sure I'm on the correct forum here but it's worth a try! I have a gold wedding ring which I believe belonged to my great grandmother who married in 1880 and again in 1900. I have managed to identify the Hallmark which also has the name Parsons - Jewellers in Bristol at that time. The mark has the letter H which as far as I can tell indicates it was made 1856-57.

    I am wondering if it was usual for rings made at this time to be sold, presumably, in 1880 or indeed in 1900. The ring is in very good condition.

    The Hallmark also indicates it was made by someone with the initial WM. Is there any way I can discover the name of this person?

    The actual company of Parsons is no longer operating although there is a Parsons Jewellers in Bristol today and I have written to them on the off chance they can helpl

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Don't forget that in 1880, a ring made in the 1850s wasn't that old. The original owner might have died and her belongings sold by the heirs, or she could have pawned it... It might even have been a family piece. I have my grandmother's engagement ring...

    If any records from the jewellers have survived, they may be in the local archives. However, a LOT of records did not survive WW2.

    GENUKI HERE has to links about Bristol including a trade directory (if you can find the jewellers, it may tell you who owned it at the time) and the archives. Another option would be to search the 1851 and 1861 Bristol census for people giving their occupation as jeweller and hope that one of them has the correct initials - even then it's a bit of a guess.

    Have you looked to see which, if any, of your ancestors were in that area at the time?

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    1897 Kell's has George Parsons & Son , jewellers, 39 High Street ans 16 Old Market St Bristol


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