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    I am looking for any info about the family at 13 Davids Terrace, South Church, Bishop Auckland - possible surname RIDLEY or RIDHEY.

    I have a photo postcard of a serviceman and his girl, dated 12/2/1919 signed Jack, sent from Egypt to Miss H RIDHEY/RIDLEY. Obviously she may not have been there in 1919, but would like to find out if she was.

    Have looked for a marriage after 1919 and am not sure if there was!

    Hoping there may be a long shot of reuniting the card with descendants - unfortunately not known what his full name was,

    Thanks for any info.

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    In 1911, although there's a Ridley family living at that address there's no 'Miss H.'

    Census ref RG14/29717 SN395
    John Ridley, 38, colliery loco fireman,
    Martha, wife, 38, born Sunderland
    Mary Ann, daur, 12, school, Shildon
    John Thomas son, 7, school, Eldon

    John and Martha have been married thirteen years, had three children, one of whom had died.

    John Ridley and Martha Simpson are on the same marriage page, September quarter 1897, Auckland registration district.
    They had another child, Rachel, birth registered December quarter 1911, Auckland registration district.

    In 1939, John and Martha, both born 1872, are still living in Bishop Auckland. There are other people in the household. FMP's T&Cs do not allow me to tell you more than that. They have moved from David Terrace by then, but electoral rolls show them are still living in David Terrace in 1920. And in 1927.

    Haven't checked for any sisters, or nieces, of John with the initial H.

    ADDED much later -
    Remember that Miss H Ridley might not appear on any electoral rolls until after she married. It was only women over 30 who were given the vote in 1918. Twenty-one year olds had to wait until 1928.

    A further - is the initial definitely and irrefutably an H. Or could it be a badly-written M, for Mary Ann? If she was 12 in 1911, then she would be 20 in 1919 and of 'courting' age.

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