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Thread: moralee family

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    A possible for 1901
    1901 census, 7,* Lowgate, Bedlington. RG13; Piece: 4834; Folio: 43; Page: 25
    James Scott 56, coal miner hewer, Carsdon Northumberland
    Isabella Scott 48, wife, Cullercoates Northumberland
    Thomas Scott 31, son, Cullercoates
    Robert Scott 17, son, Cambois, Northumberland
    Ernest Scott 9, grandson, Cambois
    Henry Stanfield 28, boarder.

    *could be COWGATE, rather than LOWGATE. The 1911 census looks like 7, COWGATE on this census Ernest is described as James and Isabella's son!
    ive just noticed theres no annie scott in this one?? why do you think that is ?

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    this is just blown my mind... young isabella my grandad belived she had 2 sisters he has a very old phot of her and 2 girls in a proper portrait picture il have to upload it its so good, but now im thinking ... who are the two girls ,,,,

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    Hiya everyone ! I got the birth certificate back for Ernest scott ! Turns out Annie is his mother, wow ! So my grandads grandma Annie had a illegitimate child who was Ernest scott and then she must of moved out from her partners and stared a new family and Ernest was brung up by his Grandparents then goes on to murder his girlfriend and be the last man hung in Newcastle , wow ! I have this aswell was hoping if anyone could help ?

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    This has been found but his name is faded off and has loads of stamps and ship names , I’m trying to upload my photo and it won’t work

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