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    Default Bondgate/Sion Meeting House, Alnwick

    Hello all

    I'm trying to find a photograph of Bondgate which became the Sion Meeting House in Alnwick, Northumberland. I have found the Sion Meeting House erected in 1815 (according to the sign) but I am seeking information about the earlier one. My GGGG Grandmother, Isabella Rochester, was baptised there in June 1780 and I have so little information about her that finding (and visiting) the building would be such a delight. Is anyone able to help with photographs or by letting me know if the building still exists?

    This was discussed on the Forum on 2009 but not sure if it has been a topic of interest since . . .

    Many thanks

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    This is the original thread

    Reading through it very quickly I notice that no-one seems to have suggested contacting Northumberland Archives, nor Alnwick library. (Often local libraries have local history books.)

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    There's an article in the Alnwick Mercury, Sat 23 April 1881 re. Sion celebrating 150 years. Founded 1731, " ... holding divine service in a house in Bondgate ... ", there was a split a few years later but a coming together in 1768 when " ... Bondgate Meeting House (now the Militia Mess Room), was pulled down and enlarged, and continued to be used till the erection of their present place of worship, Sion Chapel, in St.Michael's Place in 1816 ...."
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    Re. the Militia Mess Room -

    Kelly's Directory of Northumberland 1894
    Alnwick - Military
    Northumberland Militia (3rd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers); depot, Hotspur Street

    Would the Mess be part of the depot?

    I note the current address of the Education Welfare Office, Alnwick is -
    Old Militia Barracks, Hotspur Street, NE66 !QEA
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