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    Quote Originally Posted by christanel View Post
    But in your first post you say

    As so much of your information is hearsay it may be better if we start from scratch.
    Is there any evidence at all to say Charles Perry was from Ireland.? Any evidence to say he definitely arrived in Newfoundland no later than 1835?
    Do you have he and his family in any Canadian censuses before Charles and Esther's deaths?
    Sorry for all the questions but we need to sort out facts from family hearsay which is sometimes right and sometimes not.
    Yes i know. But i do have Baptisms of some of his children. As for him from Ireland i got from two different family members. So that is hear say. they said their parents told them.My grand parents died when i was very young so i can't ask I did hear that someone heard somewhere that he may have been from Cork, Ireland. I did find a Charles Perry's baptism in 1809, and his parent s listed but listed under a different religion from his childrens baptism.
    His children were baptized Church of England and according to the Charles one in Cork is Catholic.
    Most of it i got from this site
    His oldest child my great great grandfather George was born in Newfoundland in 1838.
    You can ask as many questions you want. I APPRECIATE any and all help.
    I have contacted my great Aunt (grandmothers sister) but yet to hear from her.

    Thank you sooooo much in advanced

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    If Charles' children were Church of England, then in Ireland that is the Church of Ireland.

    Cork is the biggest county in Ireland and has 182 Church of Ireland parishes. Not all have records for 1807, and of those that do, few are on-line. For most you need to go to either the Public Record Office or the Representative Church Body (RCB) library in Dublin, but with some parishes the only copy is still held by the Minister. So to access them you need to write to him/her. The Church of Ireland lost about 40% of its early records when the Public Record Office in Dublin was burned down during the civil war in 1922. Ironically they had been sent to Dublin for safekeeping. So coverage is patchy and mostly not on-line.

    Here’s a list of all the Church of Ireland parishes in the county, showing what records exist and where they can be accessed. However it would be a mammoth task to search them all and without confirmation that Charles did come from that county and some idea of where within it, possibly a waste of time.

    There is sometimes an expectation that all birth, death & marriage records are on-line these days. Sadly that is inaccurate. Most Roman Catholic parish records in Ireland are on-line but with other denominations coverage is very patchy. Accessing non RC denominations still often requires a researcher to go through microfilms or original paper registers. Time consuming and expensive but there’s no alternative at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by almach View Post
    Is this the baptism of one of his children?

    Name: Eunice Perry
    Event Type: Birth
    Event Date: 27 May 1843
    Event Place: Exploits Burnt Island, Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada
    Gender: Female
    Father's Name: Charles Perry
    Mother's Name: Esther
    Yes this is one of their children out of 10 that I know of

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    No I can not find any census, but can find their children's births and baptisms in the church records in Exploits, Newfoundland.

    P.S. I'm also on ancestry and have done the DNA testing. still can not find him.

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    From Findagrave,,parents Charles and Esther Hoddinott.

    Eunice Perry

    27 May 1843
    29 Nov 1891 (aged 48)
    Exploits Church of England
    Exploits, Notre Dame Bay Census Division, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

    Daughter of Charles Perry and Esther Hoddinott.***

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