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    Hello . I am looking for John Cave who was born in Kidlington in 1613 . I can't find him after his birth until 1689 when he is mentioned in the will of Conaway Rands of Northampton . He holds a house in trust for the young son of Conaway . Any help would be most welcome thank you.

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    Are you absolutely positive that the John Cave mentioned in Conaway's will is the one born in 1612/1613? By 1689 John is (or would have been) seventy-six which seems a curious age to be holding something in trust for a 'young son'. How old was Conaway when he died?
    Remember that being said to 'be of' doesn't mean that someone was born/baptised there, only that they lived there at the time the document was written.
    Also many parish registers were either lost or not completed between 1649 and 1660.

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