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    My ancestor Calmady Pike was working as a mason until his death in 1820. He lived in the East Budleigh area, very probably at Salterton. He was later variously described as Mason, Builder, and perhaps more pretentiously as architect, so I think he would have been working on buildings, rather than say canals or harbours. I would like to find more details about who he was working for, or any projects he might have been involved with, so any ideas would be gratefully received. His brother Sharman was also a mason, while his brother John seems to have worked as a bricklayer, and they both lived in Colaton Raleigh, the village where Calmady was born.

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    Hello HeatherConnie, welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    Are you only looking for info on his occupation, or also about his family? If the latter, it would be useful to tell us when the 2 men were born (even if only roughly).
    BTW, for those not completely familiar with English geography (like me), the county in question is Devon.
    Devon heritage have a rather nice site HERE

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    The occupation of Mason seems to run in a previous generation of the PIKE family at Collaton Raleigh. There is an apprenticeship indenture dated 4 August 1751 wherein a Thos PIKE of Collaton Rawleigh, Devon, Mason, took on a Henry TAYLOR as his apprentice. So it may well be that your Calmedy & his brother worked in a family concern. You may find out more in any early local directories or newspaper references.

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    Thank you, that is very helpful. My Calmady and his brothers were the sons of John Pike and Martha Lugg, and they were married in 1776. Their grandparents, John Pike's parents, were John and Grace Pike. John and Grace also had a son named Thomas, but he was born in 1762 ten years after his brother John. It is possible that the Thomas Pike in the apprenticeship record was an uncle. It has given me a new lead to look at further. I have a lot of information about the family relationships, but was hoping to maybe fill in some detail about the jobs that Calmady would have been working on. He died in 1820, leaving a young family, and although I have a burial record for him at East Budleigh, I haven't been able to find any newspaper references either to explain his death, or link him with any building projects.


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