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    Quote Originally Posted by macwil View Post
    Hi Kirsty,

    Welcome to Brit-Gen.

    As Christina has indicated you have a very tough search ahead. To help, can you give more detailed information about your G'g'dad.
    Any of the following may help eliminate/confirm a record for him.
    Exact date of Birth, details of where he was living 1911 Census, more precise info about his whereabouts when he enlisted/was discharged, his parents names. Anything you have about him during that period.


    Ah! I see Christina has already found the 1911 data.
    Hi All, thank you for your help!

    The 1911 census that Christina sent is correct.

    His DOB is 24th March 1895. His mother's name is Maria Green nee Cross & his father is Victor Charles Green.

    After he was discharged he married Sarah Ann Batt in 1917, they married on 25th December 1917 in Downend, Bristol (which is not far from Mangotsfield). another thing to note is that he married as "Harry" although on his birth certificate his name is "Henry" - very confusing!!

    All of Henry/ Harry's children were born in Mangotsfield and he also died here, so i'm guessing when he was discharged from the War this is where he stayed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by grisel View Post
    Hello Kirsty

    Find My Past's newspaper collections 26 May 1915 Western Daily Press, have an article entitled Patriotic Concert at Mangotsfield - for the benefit of Harry Green who had recently returned home having lost an arm. .....
    I don't subscribe so can only see a snippet but perhaps the full article will have more details.
    Hi thank you so much! This is definitely him, i pay for Find My Past, so have just been able to look at this.

    Can't thank you enough!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsimeone98 View Post
    . . . another thing to note is that he married as "Harry" although on his birth certificate his name is "Henry" - very confusing!! . .
    Harry has long been a nickname for anyone named Henry.

    Shakespeare's Henry V 'was depicted in the Henry IV plays as a wild, undisciplined lad known as "Prince Harry" and by Falstaff as "Hal". ' (from Wikipedia)

    The current 'Prince Harry' is officially:- Prince Henry of Wales KCVO (Henry Charles Albert David).

    Many people choose to be known by nicknames and will automatically answer with them when asked for their name, even for official business. There is no legal reason forcing people to use their registered Birth name, as long as there is no intention to circumvent the law. Of course this can, and often does, lead to problems with officious bureaucrats (otherwise known as jobsworths) and doesn't help us genealogists either!

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