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    Default Looking for service details for GM Lowies

    As in the subject line, details of my mother's service in India from 1942 to 1946 at Air Command South East Asia. Service number 2136335. I know she worked for Wing Commander WBE Powell.
    Not a trace of her in searches yet I have her service book, and she has a relatively uncommon surname.
    Ended service at Wythall Birmingham in 1946.

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums.
    Duplicate posts are not allowed so I have locked this one as your question re your mother's WW11 service has been answered here
    I think you may have come to us from FWR so reading this will tell you a little about us and what we do.
    You may also want to look at The National Archives site here to see if there is any other information that may help you.

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