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    Default RAF Bomb diposal

    I am looking for information about RAF Bomb disposal WW11 my grandfather was in Europe in 1943 I think it was 6025 squadron not fully sure is name was Albert Barnett can anyone help with more information. Regards Peter Barnett

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    Welcome to the British-genealogy forums peter.
    if you came to us from Forces War Records reading this will tell you a little about us.
    You can apply to the MoD for your grandfather's service record. You won't need his service number but you will need a copy of his death certificate, 30 pounds and patience as they can take a while to arrive.
    This 'sticky' gives some information and a link to the site to download the application forms. read carefully what information you are entitled too depending on date of death etc.
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    The BBC's webpage "WW2 People's War" has an account of work in RAF Bomb Disposal Flight 6225 HERE, which covered Europe and Norway and may be the Flight (or Squadron) Albert was in. It's very interesting - gives a good account of the lives of the men.

    There was a Bomb Disposal website for a while, but it seems to have vanished around 2005. However, the Wayback Machine (which periodically copies all sites it can find) still has a few copies of it. Have a look HERE for more information. Some of the buttons look as though they are not going to work, but if you click on the text, you get the information.

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    I have my Uncles RAF records that show he was Killed on D,Day on the 6225 RAF Bomb Disposal flight, which was the unit he was attached to. I am trying to find more about mu Uncle Will and the Lads who served with him

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    Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum, Darren.
    Have you checked the Commonwealth War Graves site? It will give you whatever information the family provided plus general info about the cemetery.
    The best source is his service record, which you have, but local papers, etc, can help.

    It is of course easier to help if we know who to look for - name, number, rank, anything that will make him stand out from the crowd.


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