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    Default Trooper Aubrey Harvey 29th Royal Armoured Cor

    I am the grandaughter of Trooper Aubrey Harvey, Service number 7951035, killed on the 4th January 1945, somewhere on the Belgium Border. I wondered if anyone had any further information as to what happened to him, he was with the 29ths Royal Armoured Brigade/Corps. The family story is that he was shot by a sniper and he was a Despatch Rider, I had also read somewhere that he was killed whilst a passenger in a lorry - Would love to clarify the story and find out any further information. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums
    If you came to us from Forces War records this will tell you a little about us and how you came to be here.
    Do you have your grandfather's service record which is still with the MoD. This 'sticky' gives some information and a link to the site from which you can download the application forms. You will need a copy of his death certificate and 30 pounds.
    You can also see if The National Archives has the war diaries for your grandfather's unit. If so they probably won't mention him specifically but could record the incident in which he died. This is their guide to finding specific war diaries.
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    This sounds as if it was during the Battle of the Bulge. 29th Armoured were involved.
    See the Meuse River bridges section here:

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