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    Default new to this, trying to find grandads medal

    hi. im trying to find out which medals my grandfather was awarded in ww2. He was an engineer/mechanic in the RAF , was on an airbase close to Oxford and worked on spitfire repairs. He was in the RAF for 12 years. Know he was awarded medals but family disbute led to disposal of medals unbeknown to others (sad times).

    surname Wren, just in case anyone here has heard of him.

    Grateful of any suggestions or help.
    thank you

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums louik2
    I think you may have come to us from Forces War Records so reading this will tell you a little about us and what we do.
    Service personnel records from 1920 onwards are still held by the MoD but you can apply for them. This 'sticky' explains and gives the link where you can download the application forms. You do not need a service number but you will need a copy of his death certificate and 30 pounds.
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    Only the MOD have campaign medal eligibility records I am afraid.
    You can find all the gallantry ones awarded on FWR however.

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    thank you for the info, much appreciated

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