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    Smile Another jigsaw piece found

    One of my relations had two "wives" at the same time, circa 1904. A few years ago, Kerrywood helped locate the first family on the 1911 census, hiding under the name BRADLEY. Actual name was BADDELEY. But I have had no luck finding the second family on the same census, with or without Arthur, the husband. Until this morning when I tried a different surname. He married in 1904 using RICHMOND as his surname but that produced no results. So I tried HAWKINS which was his wife's maiden name, and there they were. It came up because I looked for one of the children and not the father. He was using his own father's first name, Charles not Arthur, but I have no doubts it is him. Theatrical managers are not two a penny! What an exciting start to the day! pwholt

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    Theatricals eh? pfffft!!! Mine still make me tear my hair after twenty years
    Sadly, our dear friend Ann (alias Ladkyis) passed away on Thursday, 26th. December, 2019.
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    I was going to say 'what a lucky find' but of course it wasn't luck it was persistence on your part. Great work, you are allowed to feel chuffed.
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