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    Default Price was probably the problem

    Hi Audrey

    Congratulations on doing all that work and I can well understand how miffed you must feel. I suspect, though, that price was the problem. I have just been doing a quick search as Megan suggested. Have found that My History will print and bind a single copy of a book for 39.95 plus 10 p&p. A second copy would be the same price, but it does reduce slightly if you order considerably more.

    For nearly forty quid you get an 80-page (40 sheet) book in a hard cover. If you want more pages, you pay more. The illustrations of finished family history books look very classy. I wonder if this is the organisation that printed the book for the cousin.

    Sadly, I think it is all down to money.

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    I have found out that my cousin used a local (Norwich) printer and paid about 40 for the binding. I don't think that included the printing. At that price I can well understand he didn't want to give me a 'free' copy and it would have been a bit steep for me - adding on postage to France. (I still wouldn't have minded being asked though!)

    All my research etc. is done, written and directed at my 'children' to have one day. As they were both born and raised in France I often make 'side notes' to explain something of British history or culture they won't be familiar with themselves. So, my feeling is that IF I were to have a lovely bound book of one of their four grandparents then I'd feel obliged to provide something similar for the other three grandparents. Multiply the four by two children (so they have one each) and that's a fair amount of money .............

    I think there are some cheaper, DIY options I'll look into now.

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    Hardcovers are always going to be a bit expensive. if a paperback would suffice then you could use one of the print on demand companies. the one I use is createspace and have published several books on there. Although it is linked to Amazon you dont have to have your book available for sale on Amazon, although I do because all my neices and nephews want copies and I cant afford that so they buy there own. All that is necessary for a POD company is you prepare a PDF exactly the way you want your book to look and they do the rest. In my view the cost for POD is reasonable.

    cheers ED

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    Price was why I suggested checking copyshops near colleges and Universities. Students don't have that sort of money....

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    I self published my family history with a company called Lulu and was very happy with the results. It is free to upload a PDF and use their software to design the layout and cover. You just pay for the printing. Authors can sell their self published books through the site but I have mine set up as Private with no one apart from me having access to the file. I only printed three copies, all for family members. The cost per book was about the same as buying a good quality paperback.
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    I was aware of the price issue which was why I suggested POD. Obviously I have no knowledge of how print shops work in France or the Netherlands but in the UK the average print shop rarely offers binding, so there is a double job and thus extra expense. Students here needing binding for theses most often print off at the university for free and then take the pages to the binder, but that might not necessarily be an option for a family history book. In the past I have done the whole job myself but that was when I owned a laser printer and had relatively small books which could be saddle stitched with a long arm stapler. Still only looked like a booklet though, not a proper book.

    cheers Ed

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