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    Default Catherine Shields born Boyd, m.Charles Street

    To BernieFD, In answer to your query, Catherine and Charles Street are my Gr x2 grandparents. Catherine was born in County Antrim. Her father was Daniel Boyd. Her mother died when she was young and she spent time between her home and her Aunt's home( Shields). She used both surnames and came to Australia as Catherine Shields, worked on the Henty property at Portland arr 1848 where she met and married Charles. They walked to Campbell's Creek with their small daughter Mary Jane in about 1854 seeking gold. Later they moved to 120 Lord St. Richmond where several more children were born. I have further details. I am descended from their first child Mary Jane, who married James Fitzpatrick. My father's mother Ada was the youngest child of this marriage. James died of TB (as did Charles) and Mary Jane then married a man named Mitchell and they had one or two children.
    Hope this helps your research
    Kind regards, Leonie

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    Hi Leonie , what a wonderful surprise to get your Post about Catherine Shields. I knew much of the story about her Birth , and ( 2 names Boyd and Shields)and I have been trying for many years to research information about Charles Street, but without a lot of success. I believe he was born about . 1821 and came from Weymouth , Dorset , he was a confectioner by trade and sailed to Australia on one of the Henty ships to work as a cook on the Henty homestead. That is where he met and married Catherine. I believe there is a very funny story about when Charles first met Catherine.
    Charles and Catherine had 10 children and my grandfather Patrick James was the 10th child. I never knew him as he died before I was born. Patrick married Elizabeth Richards (I have all the dates on another site) and they also had 10 children. My mother Kathleen Florence was number 9. She was born in 1908 and lived to be 100, and died in December 2008.

    Mum married my father Sidney in 1931 and I was born in 1933. I have a Sister and a Brother, both younger and still living .

    I guess you may be living in Australia and I would love to keep in touch. My email address is
    mioquilt AT iimetro DOT com DOT au

    If you can maybe you could get in touch and we can continue with our family history, I would love to hear from you ,

    Best wishes, Bernie Donnelly.
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    You might like to ask a Moderator to remove your telephone number and details of living people, and to write your email out so that it will make sense but can't be grabbed by spammers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squaredancer View Post
    You might like to ask a Moderator to remove your telephone number and details of living people, and to write your email out so that it will make sense but can't be grabbed by spammers
    Done, Squaredancer.

    Bernie - I've also removed the names of your sister and brother because our T&Cs don't allow details of living people.
    You can also contact Leonie via PM (private message). Simply click on her username, and then select 'send private message' from the dropdown menu.

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